Insects on heads at landfill


Critters today

Bugs from July 7th

The first picture was taken at aa after lunch at 1:38 pm in the NE map section. It is of a small spider and there were also webs around the rays of the echinacea.

The second picture is from Nessman and is of a small, green and clear flying bug. It was taken at 2:33 pm.

The third picture was taken at Steven’s Approach this morning at 10:18 am. It is of a small, white fly on the head of the echinacea.

Landfill Insects For The Day!!!

Insects on Echinacea

A style-eating beetle found at Steven’s Approach!

Insects Gretel saw on EA heads at LCE

insects today

Here are photos of insects I observed on Echinacea heads today.

The style-eating beetle was in or under a bagged head at SGC.