Day in the Life

Today was a full day for team Echinacea! Not only is it Elise’s first day on the team, but it’s also summer solstice. This morning Brittany and I went out to Staffanson Prairie Preserve West to finish shooting bb-points. While another team started flagging/planting P8 for a new experiment. The new common garden experiment being added to P8 involves planting prairie turnip to learn how to grow and measure the species while establishing a basis for future studies.

This afternoon was busy finishing up planting in P8 while a handful of others went out and set the first emergence traps for the season! Woot woot!

Many more updates to come, along with daily posts from other members of the team.

Hailey (left) and Maddie (right) flagging in P8.

Wyatt (left) and Elise (right) standing with some prairie turnip plugs.

Brittany (left) and Emma (right) planting some turnips in P8.


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