Demcirc – Entry # 1

Stuart and Drake on November 24th, 2020 discussed how Drake should go about entering the data he collected on his circles, apply named “Drake’s circles for the possible intedended purposes of burning with fire and planting with parasites” or “demcirc” for short.

Drake went to the following sites and set up 10 randomly placed (to the best of his ability using his cellphone, laptop, and paper maps) circles: South of Golf Course, East Riley/Riley (10 total across both), Woody’s, Leuffler’s Corner East, Leuffler’s Corner West, Hill across from Leuffler’s Corner West, RRX, NRRX, In front of the Tower Rd Tower, Nice Island, The hill just east of Unity Drive on Hwy 27, Around Landfill North, Around Landfill South, Sap, TH, NNWLF, and KJs.

Additionally 30 circles each at: Aan, Eelr, Landfill, AgalinisRRX (NW Corner of Roland Lake RD and Hwy 55), and all-around Wennersborg Rd SW & HWY 55.

Each circle had a radius of ~0.4m and I recorded every species present within the circle and I recorded whether they were flowering (or had flowered at some point that year) or not.


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