Demo… in June??

Another exciting field season kicks off with… demo? That’s right! We’re starting demo as soon as possible so that way Erin is an expert on it ASAP. So, logically, we started off at all environmentalists favorite hotspot – the golf course.

Now, the golf course, as you might know, is no longer operational. Additionally, there are some lovely prairie natives nearby including gallium, prairie rose, and, of course, echinacea.

The day was full of new things and surprises. This was Drake and Erin’s first go at demo, and they both crushed it. Additionally, we found a caterpillar on an echinacea leaf chewing away in a way that we have never seen before (see picture below).

Ultimately, the day was completely successful, as almost all plants were still alive, and three of them were flowering! Hopefully with new demo masters Erin and Drake, we will find all the flowering echinacea in our plots. Until next time flog!

A butterfly on Erin’s leg. Is it a Dakota Skipper (maybe, reach out if you know)
A caterpillar and his home. Look at all that frass! (that means, uhhh, scat)
Erin, Amy, and Drake crushing some PBORY

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