Saturday Snuggle Zone

Today was a rather chill day at Town Hall relative to other week nights. It is safe to say that everyone was rather tuckered out from the first week of field work. Fortunately, we did have some excitement in our day! The five of us currently at Town Hall (Myself, Amy, Michael, Erin, and Drake) decided to go out for dinner at Angelina’s in Alexandria. After that, we came back to the Hall and played with a local outdoor cat! It was super nice to us, but I didn’t touch it because I am allergic to cats. Coming inside, we all decided to get comfortable together. We all grabbed blankets (Michael grabbed his sleeping bag Snuggie) and sat around the living room reading books, reading papers, making tags, and making memes. As it turns out, Erin is a meme lord and is a skilled meme creator and photoshop artist. She once made a bird meme that was reposted by some famous ecology meme pages! I didn’t know that we had famous people on Team Echinacea this year! Nonetheless, today was a lazy, but slightly productive Saturday. I hope to have many more weekend days like this with the team!

Snuggle time! Michael had already gone to bed.
Erin’s famous meme about cowbirds. They lay eggs in the nests of other birds. The cowbird is the one on the left.

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