Dichanthelium Update!

Hi everyone!

Maria here. Sorry that I have not posted since the end of summer, but please rest assured that I’ve not run away with my Dichanthelium seeds, but have been working on them for the past -what? 6 months? A long and intimate relationship indeed.

Brief summary of what has happened:

I did a pilot germination & growth study using bulk Dichanthelium seeds. The results of germination study is nicely summarized in this poster that I presented at Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference (MEEC) in Cincinnati 2 weekends ago(?). MEEC was fun and presenting (yapping about) my poster was a lot less nerve-wracking than I had expected:
Thanks to everyone who helped me in my hectic rush to get the poster done X_X

The seedlings are currently growing in the growth chamber at CBG. (There’s pictures in the poster of seedlings in agar and in plug trays!)

I shall put up some more pictures sometime in the future.
There’s a series of pictures I want to put up showing seeds before and after x-ray and scarification – it’s pretty interesting.

I should also post the R script I used to analyze data and produce the graphs on the flog – unfortunately don’t have the file on this computer.

Right now I’m working on scarifying Dichanthelium seeds for my maternal lines growth and germination experiment (probably should explain in better detail later, likely in another poster).

Other good news you might find interesting:
Thanks to A LOT of help from Stuart and other advisers, I applied and got the Northwestern Academic Year Undergraduate Research Grant for my Dichanthelium project during the school year (maternal line germination/growth experiment), and also very recently, the Garden Club of America Clara Carter Higgins Summer Environmental Study Scholarship =)

If you have any questions about Dichanthelium or anything I talked about, you’re welcome to get in touch. My email is right under the entry title.


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