Eggs, Frisbee, Volleyball, Lakes, and Flowers

Hi flog,

I would like to summarize the day from the perspective of my apartment’s egg consumption (we cooked up about 20 eggs today).

This morning me and Mia went out to Hegg lake to finish collecting data from Friday’s experiment on male fitness, and prepare for next week’s male fitness experiment (named: The big event 2: electric bugaloo). While we were there, Mia found a bird’s nest in the grass full of tiny chicks. They were very cute, so we chose to leave them alone rather than eat them. Once we finished, we went back to the roost, where I ate eggs for lunch (3 eggs down).

The bird’s nest at P2.

Mia found a spider hanging out on an Echinacea flower. It’s probably not a very good pollinator.

After lunch we played card games and Brigid made a beautiful chocolate cake (six more eggs down).

We decided it was too nice of a day to stay inside, so in the afternoon we went to Lake Carlos state park, to swim and play games, such as volleyball, and Kan jam (a Frisbee throwing game). We found out that Kristen played volleyball in high school, and Will’s overhand serve is hard to defend; also I can sometimes throw a Frisbee. We did not eat any eggs, while at the lake.

In the evening we returned to the roost. I made a stir fry with vegetables, chicken and 2 scrambled eggs.

I do not know what happened to the remaining 9 eggs (I’m sure they were put to good use); regardless I enjoyed a relaxing Saturday, with a perfect mix of Echinacea, team bonding, Frisbee, and eggs. Surely a good team eats eggs together (dietary restrictions allowing).


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