The Roost lacks energy but does not lack Werewolf spirit

Today was generally a lazy Sunday, as many members of the Roost were seen sitting around and reading or working on various project activities. Additionally, a few members of the team were out and about completing various tasks around the state of Minnesota. Notably, Zeke and Kristen went out early this morning and moved around emergence traps at West Hegg Lake with the help of the new GPS named Darwin. In mid-afternoon, Evan, Mia, and I went to Aldi and Elden’s to get groceries for our weekly meals. Mia made some awesome roasted veggies tonight, I am making tuna pasta pea salad for Tuesday, and Evan is going to make his family special sausage and noodle recipe.

Later in the day, Andy and I played tennis, and then Will and Kristen came over to play the new card game Werewolf. This game has been a staple of the Roost over the week and weekend, and it certainly can make us yell at one another, as we try to figure out who is the Werewolf in a village of good people; plenty of lying occurs. However, I think we can all agree that the end of the day that Werewolf brings us closer, and we wouldn’t give that time up for anything else. I will say that I am very happy with the weekend and I think we are all well and rested for an amazing week ahead!

P.S. I’m going to miss having Blue around the Hjelm house.

Zeke drives his car.

A great selfie with Blue! She will be missed.



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