Emma Reineke

Echinacea Project 2022

Biochemistry Major, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Class of 2025

Research Interests

I am interested in studying all sorts of science, especially biology! I like to see how things work together to create a larger network which is able to accomplish amazing things. Being outside and walking through the fields, I love seeing how much is going on between all of the living and nonliving parts of the prairie.


I am originally from Alexandria, MN, about 20 minutes from most of the field sites. This will be my second year as a part of Team Echinacea and I am thrilled to be coming back! In my spare time I enjoy being active, I am a part of the Gopher Nordic Ski Team at my college and love racing as a part of the team. I also am a distance runner. In my down time, I enjoy reading, being on the lakes (in my opinion, the best part of living in Alex!), baking/cooking, and playing music.


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