I just finished mowing paths between rows in the common garden. I was so pooped by the time I pushed the mower to the truck, it took me 15 minutes to psych myself up to lift it into the truck (it didn’t help that I laid down to psych myself up). I would’ve fallen asleep listening to the chipping sparrows and a N. oriole, but a mosquito told me she was hungry.

Now I am getting psyched to go back to the CG to look at the flowering plants for our phenology observations. I am shocked how early they are flowering this year. I peeked at the CG on Monday and thought we’d have a good week before they’d start to flower. I don’t think they’ve ever started flowering by solstice before. Recently, the field season has started after the solstice.

These long days are a double-edged sword. We get all this daylight, but that means we can do field work for many more hours. I should clarify. The crew finished before 4:30 and went home–I can work for many more hours.

> (983 – 860 + 4) * (56-10)
[1] 5842

That’s how many meters I mowed today. Well, I have to subtract

> (960 – 935) * 8
[1] 200

I carried the mower 200 meters around the 99 garden (in 8 trips). Next mower I get should be lighter than what we have now, a snapper 21″ steel deck, self-propelled “M” model with a Tecumseh 6.0 hp engine.

Gosh, I was about to say something cliché about getting old & tired, because this seems like such a big job. But back when I was younger (e.g. last year) the garden was smaller!

OK, all this thinking is making my shoulders and back sorer–back to the common garden!

PS: Stuart, remember to bring the gas can back!


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  • I remembered to get the gas can!

    At 9:38 it was became too dark to distinguish shriveled styles and damaged florets, so I came in. I am going to eat some dinner and then write up notes about CG maintenance.

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