Exit: Stuart

This morning, the Little Team on the Prairie headed to Krusemark’s, a real bear of a site. We had to walk through a half mile of corn to get there, just to do demo on a measly 19 flowering plants! Stuart said walking through the corn was like the movie Aguirre: Wrath of God, although Amy and I haven’t seen that movie, so the reference went unappreciated. In addition to demography, Amy and Stuart collected a lot of Side-oats grama and Onosmodium molle (softhair marbleweed) to broadcast in p8, while I found a flowering plant with a tag from 1996 and struggled mightily to get a data connection on the GPS. In the afternoon, Amy and I did another round of remnant harvests. There are only four heads in remnants left to harvest, plus a few heads left at Staffanson. The season is truly winding down, folks. After that, Amy and I returned to Railroad Crossing to collect more Side-oats and some Little Blue Stem seeds. Amy found some of black-eyed susan at Railroad and I found some at West of Aanenson — we may try to document and map this and other competitive species around our study areas in the next week. Meanwhile, Stuart packed his bags and left for Chicago, making today his last field day this summer. I hope he had as much fun as I did.

Amy checks off another thing on our to do list. It's going to be a busy last week!

Amy checks off another thing on our very long to-do list. What a whirlwind week!


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