September 6, 2016

After a slow start, Amy and I did demography at some of the recruitment plots near Hegg Lake and p2. The flowers in plots HE and HS, near P2, were doing especially well; we counted a total of 34 flowering plants combined in those two plots, with several having multiple heads, and were able to find nearly all of the plants there. We also returned to a stand of Cirsium hillii near p2 that we measure each year, and found that at least three of our study plants flowered recently. Whether they flowered this year or last year is not yet clear — the leaves definitely looked gray and crispy. Stuart made the long trek back from Chicago today and harvested some Astragalus canadensis for broadcasting and corralled an escaped goat.

The highlight of today was finding a flowering (second day!) Echinacea near the Cirsium study area. We finished phenology in all of the remnants and plots several weeks ago, and have even harvested a good number of heads that are ready to drop their achenes. How this one is flowering so late in the season is a mystery — it may have to do with some recent mowing. We look forward to revisiting this plant to see if, by some miracles, it gets lucky and some of its styles shrivel.

Flowering (second day!) Echinacea found near P2. Outrageous!

Flowering (second day!) Echinacea found today near P2. Outrageous!

Amy and Chek look for Echinacea from the car.

Amy and Chek look for Echinacea from the car.


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