Farewell Flog

Today is my last flog, and tomorrow is my last field day. It’s a sad ending to an amazing summer. Today we worked on independent projects in the morning & measured P9 in the afternoon. This morning I analyzed my 42nd slide out of 236 slides. My project’s goal was to better understand what pollen loads bees are bringing to Echinacea. With the help of others (huge shoutout to Laura), I captured over 100 pollinators during early, peak, and late flowering. I brought them back to Hjelm house where they were cooled and wiped for pollen. I wiped pollen (separated by body and scope) on fuchsin jelly on glass slides and am currently counting Echinacea pollen grains in comparison to heterospecific pollen. The goal of my research was to look at how pollinator foraging behavior changes over Echinacea’s flowering season. There is still a lot of data analysis left, but thanks to Team Echinacea I gathered so much great data, thank  you!

In honor of my final flog post I wanted to recap what I learned from each team member:

Amy taught me the importance of patience during research. I might not have caught all my bees within the time frame I wanted, but with patience I managed to catch enough bees for my study.

Gretel taught me that field work keeps you young at heart.

James taught me that you can’t always be nice but you should always try.

Alyson taught me that hard work pays off, especially when you cut down 20+ buckthorn trees and end up with significant data within one month! (Congratulations!)

Alex taught me how important passion is in science. When I spent 12 hours catching bees and only caught 8 I had to absolutely love my research just as much as Alex loves his.

Lea taught me the importance of positivity in the field. When you have 6 “can’t find”s in a row, or are counting over 100 stipa seeds, you have to stay positive and excited about field work.

Abby taught me how to make every piece of field work fun; whether it was signing to aphids, chopping off palida, or eating soggy pretzels.

Will taught me the difference between an earned win and a lucky win (example: settlers of catan vs. the lottery).

Scott taught me that the best thing a scientist can do is just listen.

Laura taught me the importance of helping others, because science could not exist without collaboration.

Ruth taught me that humility is a far better sign of a good scientist than any accolade.

Jennifer taught me that a great advisor lets their student struggle just enough to come to a solution on their own, but never lets their advisee drown.

Zachary taught me that you can be a scientist at any age.

Stuart taught me to keep an eye out for everything, whether it’s stipa, a seedling, or a great idea.

Best of luck in all of your future endeavors,


ps: Minnesota was lit

minnesota is lit


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  • Scott Nordstrom

    This is touching and heartfelt, but I think you forgot the part where today Laura ate a whole bell pepper by herself today! That sure was important — congrats on the great feat.

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