First Day

Today was the first day in the field for Team Echinacea 2017, and it couldn’t have been a better day! This weekend was hot, humid, and stormy in MN. Today was much cooler with a pleasant breeze all day. We started the morning with introductions and learning about safety and general Echinacea info. We learned about all of the dangerous plants and animals in our study site. The worst by far must have been death camas which you shouldn’t eat because it will kill you. After learning about safety we headed out to Staffanson Prairie Preserve to see some of the native (and non-native) plants that we will see during the summer. We spent the majority of the morning meandering around Staffanson pointing out new plants and discussing the history of the land, and then headed in for lunch.

We assessed everyone’s various skill sets at lunch so that we could form the Ultimate Team Echinacea by building on eachother’s strengths and skills.

Hegg lake WMA was our second stop of the day where we discussed the differences in the plant communities within the site and between the site and Staffanson. We then said our good-byes for the evening.

Goodnight Flog,


Team echinacea learns.


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