First round of Dichanthelium collection – done (I think)

Uff da! I believe the first round of Dichanthelium seed collection is done. Thanks to Gretel and everyone who helped. And for all the times you waited for me after 5pm.

Collected seeds from 158 plants from 5 sites – Jul 7 Hegg Lake south of parking lot, Jul 8 near Hegg Lake PHEN plot, Jul 9 Hegg Lake field trip area, Jul 11 (yesterday) Loeffler’s Corner (west) and Staffanson’s (old field).

112 plants had spreading/expanded panicles (not sure what’s the correct term) and 47 were not spreading/erect.

Here’s the maternal lines data from the plants I sampled, if you’re interested:

I’m planning to return to some of these plants a week (or perhaps a little earlier/later, depending on scheduling) after I first collected the seeds. Hopefully there’s still some seeds left on the culms for me to harvest!

July 14 update: It is actually 158 plants, not 159. Sorry for the arithmetic error! 😛


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