Fixing the Mettler Balance

Yesterday, the Mettler Toledo BALNT software was throwing up an error when it was started, preventing weighing.

Exact error message: BALNT.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created.

This seems to be an error with the config file in the C:Windows or C:WINNT directory. To fix this, take the zip file in and extract it to the C: drive. This should overwrite the Balance-May2012 directory on the C: drive. Take the BALNT.ini file from that directory and copy it to C:Windows or C:WINNT, whichever exists. You should be able to start the balance software and begin collecting points.


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  • Stuart Wagenius

    Stuart’s addendum 4 June 2012.

    We had the same problem again today. It may result from having two BALNT windows open at the same time.

    To make Josh’s protocol a little simpler, I extracted the zip file and put it hereā€¦

    You can just copy file BALNT.INI from that folder to
    C:WINNT and at the prompt, allow overwriting the existing file.

    Reboot, and that should take care of the problem!

    I put helpful shortcuts on Art’s desktop to further simplify fixing this problem.

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