Flekkefest 2018

Hello floggers, today was a very exciting day to be a member of Team Echinacea!

Flekkefest is an annual festival in Elbow Lake that celebrates community, Norwegian culture, and having fun. Early this morning, we woke up in time to run in the Flekkefest 5k. Our own Jon Van Kempen was in charge of the race. Several members of the team ran the race, while some walked. We had a few people even place in their age groups (Gretel, Stuart, Zeke, Michael, and Amy) while Amy won the woman’s overall for the race. Evan, Mia, and I chose to walk the race which meant we had a fun time cheering people on as they ran past.

Our warm welcome to the 5k this morning.

I was holding a trophy, not because I won but because Amy won two!

After the race, we all got one free book from the library book sale and had breakfast at a yummy spot in downtown Elbow Lake. Later, a few of us stayed in town to watch chainsaw carvings and check out the old cars on display.

A cool troll carved out of wood.

After lunch we headed back to the Roost to enjoy some down time. Brigid and her friend Maria came back from St. John’s and we thought it would be a great idea to go canoeing (turns out it was!). We headed out to Lake Carlos to rent canoes for the day and spent a few hours on the water. It was a great workout and also so beautiful. We talked about what we were like as children and what kind of birthday parties we had. Sometimes we sang songs as we paddled. It was an awesome afternoon.

Us having a great time this afternoon while out on the Lake.

Later we returned to the Roost and Zeke cooked a yummy meal of cheese and apple pancakes. After dinner, per usual, we played a few rounds of Werewolf with Will.

Days like today make me so excited to spend the summer out here in Minnesota! See you next time.



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