You can’t spell ‘measure’ without ‘me’ and ‘u’

Hello, flog!

Today, Team Echinacea continued our quest to measure every plant in P1. Yes, it takes a long time and yes, the big bluestem might be over our heads, but we will always carry on!

A quick recap of today’s measuring events:

After completing half of “Big Batch,”¬†yesterday,(Big Batch is a large group of plants at the south end of the plot), we attempted to push ourselves to finish the rest of the plot today. And by “we” I mean two teams, in particular, decided to finish their rows as fast as possible (these teams will remain unnamed¬†and totally not depicted in the pictures below).

Some A+ measuring

These teams finished their rows impressively fast, and, while we made a good dent in the remaining measuring locations, we did not end up finishing. In the spirit of competition, I have decided to rank the participating parties in how good they were at measuring. The results can be seen below.

Rank #1: All humans who participated in the measuring today. Some humans are not pictured here but they were also just as good


Rank #2: The goats. They’re good at removing buckthorn but not great at measuring echinacea

Thanks for reading!


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