Hi flog,

On Saturday morning, some of the roost went out to breakfast at the traveler’s inn in Alexandria. We had coffee and eggs, and pancakes and discussed pies at great length. After breakfast walked to the local bakery and looked at baked goods, but decided against getting a pie, or any other baked goods. Next we walked through Alexandria’s bustling downtown to the nice Juicery and got very fancy juice with apples and charcoal and celery.

In the afternoon we went to the Tesoro across the street and filled up inner tubes for floating, and bought firewood.

For dinner Kristen, made avocado pasta.

At night we drove to Glenwood and had a fire in the park. We made s’mores threw around the Frisbee and talked about our summer research experience.

On Sunday a few of us went floating on the Long Prairie River. Despite the warm weather I started to get cold towards the end and was happy to get out of the water and warm up in the sun on the black tar road.

After floating we went to Zabar’s and had dinner. The food was good, I think the many letter zed’s made it even more delicious.

After dinner we watched an art film, some vine compilations and a few episodes of Seinfeld.

I’ve had a great summer and am immensely grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to do research here.


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