A Bittersweet Flog Entry

This will be my last Flog Entry of the field season so along with summarizing today, I’ll also include a summary of what (Zeke and) I have worked on this summer (Hopefully tommorow).

It was a normal day. In the morning, the team went out to P1 to do rechecks (nothing better than rechecks in P1 under the morning sun). After completing a few rows in P1, we split into smaller groups for the remainder of the morning. Morgan, Michael and I went to Riley (the site, not the person) for demo. I had quickly become a master using the GPS, Darwin, over the summer, but Chekov is a whole different beast. After a few points, I relinquished the reigns of Chekov and let Michael handle it. After demo, the three of us returned back to Hjelm for lunch where we talked about the project status update form that needs to be completed before we leave for the summer. Zeke and I figured that (once again) we would collaborate and write ours together. In the afternoon I went out to Staffonson to help Kristen and Julia move their traps. Being the trap master that I am (because of all the training that I’ve had at the CBG), Kristen, Julia and I were able to move the traps in a timely manner. Back at Hjelm, I harvested some Bouteloua before heading back to The Roost with Brigid and Zeke.

The team picking fresh Balagadoo from P1

On our car ride back we thought about whether or not we would want the ability to see into the future (very deep stuff). Back at The Roost Mia prepared her last meal of the summer, which was delicious. After finishing dinner, Kristen came by, which means we were forced to put our phones away and socialize.

An aesthetically pleasing meal


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