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Hey everyone,

Thanks again for collecting helping with style collection, so far I’ve made four slides and the results are certainly interesting. There is certainly more pollen from 8am to 11am, but it’s going to be hard to tell what pollen is there. So far, I haven’t seen any thistle pollen, which is purplish, or any football shaped pollen, only a Echinacea and/or “-opsis” pollen (Heliopsis or Coriopsis). But then, my current sample size is tiny, so this may change. I have a lot more slides to produce, but so far so good!


The protocol for style collection next week is a bit different, so please read this and take any notes that you feel are necessary, or ask me any questions you might have.

We will only be collecting styles at the end of the observation period. ONLY COLLECT STYLES ONCE!

Prior to taking the style off the plant, we will be recording style persistence data, to recap:
The form will have five new lines for you to fill out, fr1, fr2, mr1, mr2, and immatures.

Fr1 will be the lower row of unshriveled styles. Count a row if there are more that 3/4 of the styles left.

Fr2 will be the upper row (ie the most recent) row of unshriveled styles.

Mr1 will be the first row of male anthers

Mr2 will be the last row of male anthers (usually there will not be a mr2, so leave this blank)

Immatures is the number of rows or florets left (put an “r” or an “f” to indicate which). Only count florets if there are 11 or less. Only do this if head is at the end of flowering.

One last thing, if there is still a problem with recording the letter field, enter the tag number of the plant in that space and enter the flag letter in the notes (if there is no tag, put a zero). There shouldn’t be a problem, but if there is, just try to capture the information requested in the notes section.

Thanks again for your help and your patience!

-Kate Monster


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