Friday August 24th

Happy Friday! Today was our fourth day “going solo” while Stuart is away in Chicago. In the morning, we finished up seedling searches at East Elk Lake Road. That’s two sites down! In the afternoon, we continued working on demography re-checks at some of the smaller sites. Basically, demography re-checks consist of fixing any errors that we might have made during the initial round of demography (i.e. one person said a plant had two heads while another said it had four), but it also allows us to go back and find basal plants that have flowered previously. By checking on these plants (or a random subset of these plants) each year, we can get a better idea of how often a plant flowers and the survival rate of flowering plants. Today we finished demography re-checks at Loeffler’s Corner (East and West) and Yellow Orchid Hill.

Here’s a picture of the crew at Yellow Orchid Hill after a hard day’s work:


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