Friday Second of August

Today, we pollinated flowers in the common garden during the entire morning. Afternoon we kept pollinating with simultaneous phenology in the same garden.
After almost an entire month of observation (start date: July 7th) and over 3700 minutes of pollination observation. Today was the last flowering day of the last head of the Echinacea pallida population I have been observing during this summer at the Hegg Lake Wildlife Management Area. it has been an amazing and unique experience to learn so much about these beautiful plants and their pollinators. I would like to make an especial mention to these wonderful insects called pollinators. Undoubtedly, they are the most interesting, beautiful, and beneficial creatures we have in these prairies. Although I will keep observing the flowering phenology of the remaining angustifolia that are close to finish flowering soon, today I finished my pollinator observation. Thanks to this project now I have a much better understanding and appreciation for this pollinator-plant relationship. How crucial this relationship is for them as well as for the total ecosystem in general. It has been a real good experience (I am missing it already).
Last flowering head of the Echinacea paliida polulation at Hegg Lake


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