Fun with functions

Hi flog!

Today was a very busy day for phenology but I will not be discussing that today.

I spent this afternoon doing some light coding and durning dinner tonight Amy, Jared, and I held Alex hostage durning a conversation about best coding practices. This conversation transitioned into Jared and Amy helping me write my first function!

Below is the function that I have written, for readers at home feel free to copy and paste and play around

printName <- function(name, punctuation){
print(paste(“My name is”, name, punctuation))

this is a function that the 3 of us wrote together (Jared started but Amy finished it, I supervised/tried to help but didn’t know what was going on)

favoritePet = function(answer) {
if(answer == “dog”) {
message(“That is an acceptable choice, but have you considered salamanders?”)}
if(answer == “cat”)
message(“What are you thinking?!?!?!?”)
if(answer == “salamander”)
message(“You are a good person.”)
message(“Please try again…”)}




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