The day started off by everyone (except Stuart) meeting up at Stevens Approach instead of Hejlm. Everyone went to help Maris collect bees!!!!! Maris put us into groups and gave everyone a walkthrough of what to expect when we see a bee on a echinacea plant! She did a really great job at it!!! Everyone practiced with the bees already pollinating at Stevens Approach! I was grouped up with Maria and Allie! We headed to Golf Course, NNWLF, and NWLF, we found two bees at NNWLF and two bees at South of Golf Course!!! I named one bee “Lime” and Allie named one of the bees “Savanna”!!!

Much of the other crew found bees as well!!! After we looked at the remnants we headed to Staffenson to search for more bees! Sadly we didn’t find too much there.

By the end of the morning a total of 20 bees were found! Lunch came fast!!! After lunch presentations were given by Wesley, Maris, Mia, and Miyauna!! Stuart also talked to us about how his presentation went!! HE DID GREAT!!!! After lunch we all worked on our individual projects, I started working on Project Milkweed!!!! I finally got some maps today and started the journey!!! I started off by going to Stevens Approach to go to one of the blue and orange flags to check at the point if milkweed was present within a 1 meter radius and a 2 meter radius! There was a TONNNN in this remnants. After I finished all the points and counting how many were in each radius I headed over to South of Golf Course, Golf Course, East Elk Lake Road, KJ’s, NNWLF, and NWLF! I finished quite a bit but I got quite a lot done!!!


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