Further Tales from the Roost

Following Zeke’s excellent dinner last night, we well-fed residents of the Roost, plus Kristen and Will, extensively discussed what movie we should watch. 30 minutes of heated debate resulted only in a suggestion to watch The Smurfs (2011). Given the failure of these deliberations, the crew decided to play frisbee instead. The Roost and its allies honed their frisbee skills with several rounds of “Michael in the Middle.” After this intensive exercise, the crew drove to Dairy Queen for some well-deserved ice cream and then watched fireworks from a hill in Lake Brophy County Park.

Making friends with Alex locals at Dairy Queen

The residents of the Roost enjoyed a relaxed Sunday morning, but by lunch time we were ready for more adventure. In an effort to engage in the cultural heritage of the area, we visited Runestone Park near Kensington. There we toured the new visitor center and went on a brief, mosquito-filled hike. We then returned to Alex for a lovely dinner prepared by Mia.

Evan attempts a new translation of the Kensington Runestone

All in all, the Roost crew had a great weekend. We relaxed following our first week at the Echinacea Project, continued exploring Alexandria, and most importantly, enjoyed some quality bonding time.



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