The Roost and Alex Fashion Week 2018

Hello Flog!

I am excited to be the first flogger of the season (other than team flogs)!  Since we had such a busy first week in the field all of us at the Roost were looking forward to some well deserved rest. Speaking of the Roost this is where part of the team lives in Alex, the house got its name from all of its rooster themed decorations. Last night Kristen and Will came over to the Roost and we found a cat outside the house. The cat was so nice, she was very friendly!

The Roost

Kristen and our new friend

I made scrambled eggs for breakfast and for some of the house. They were quite tasty if I do say so myself.

The Chef with the meal

Happy Place

Brigid, Evan and I went to Target to get some supplies for the Roost. As a College of Wooster student Target is a big deal, there is no Target in Wooster, Ohio. It lived up to and exceeded our expectations, everyone was so nice! After Target we headed to Goodwill. We were in search of a bowl for salad. We have been using a pitcher or a large pot to make salad for the last five days. The pitcher has been working well but we finally caved and bought a real sized bowl. At Goodwill we found some of the strangest clothes and wore them. Brigid found a fabulous snakeskin coat, shoes, the outfit was completed with a zebra striped scarf and a news boy cap. She will be deputing this outfit at Alex Fashion Week 2018 along with Riley in his “Adventure Wear” in his half unzipped zip off field pants.

Everyone is a critic

Zeke is making stir fry for dinner tonight and we are all looking forward to eating it and using our new salad bowl!

See you soon flog!


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