Heads on Heads on Heads on….

I’d like to introduce everyone following the Flog to Blue, Gretel and Stuart’s wonderful puppy of less than five months.

In the morning we split up into two groups. One went to Staffanson to conduct transect phenology and the other group went to plot 2 at Hegg Lake to conduct phenology.

At Hegg Lake there were hundreds and hundreds of Echinacea heads, including one of the first blooming plants of the summer!

While double checking twist ties on heads (used to differentiate heads on one plant), Gretel and I found a bumble bee sleeping in a morning glory. How cute!

On our way back to Hjelm House for lunch, we stopped at a hillside to see Wood Lily (Lilium philadelphicum) blooming in a remnant at Hegg Lake.

We also saw blooming Locoweed!

After lunch, we went out and searched for small, nonflowering Echinacea in plot 8. Tracie was definitely enjoying herself, but Alex was a little harder to read…

On our way home, large storm clouds were moving in on use with lightening and threatening thunder.

Hoping for clear weather tomorrow!



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