Phenology, vegetation analysis, and more phenology

Today we had a slightly late start because we were concerned about weather. But, the rain held out and we managed to have a productive day! Ashley, Anna, Alex and I started the day with phenology and searching for Echinacea at Aanansen. This remnant is particularly interesting this year because many trees were removed from the top of the hill, making the landscape look totally different! After lunch, I went around solo for a bit and worked on vegetation analysis at some of my roadside sites. I’ll explain the project in more detail in a future flog post, so stay tuned! Finally, we ended the day by identifying all of the flowering Echinacea up at p2.

After work, the Andes crew headed in to Alexandria to do some errands and try Culver’s (many of us for the first time!)

Sunset at Andes!


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