Dayvis Blasini’s Introduction

I am an undergraduate student from Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU). Although I was born and raised in Venezuela (South America), I consider the American Midwest my home. Due to the high degree of anthropogenic disturbances in this region, I am very interested in studying its ecology. Particularly, I am interested in the effect that invasive species and habitat fragmentation has in native species and communities
During these the last two weeks, I have had the opportunity of experience the American prairie as never before. I have discovered a new entire world of colors and shapes. Even though there are only remnants of prairie, it is really impressive the beauty of this type of habitat.
I have been exposed to a lot of wonderful experiences. Since searching adult, juvenile, seedlings, and flowering plants to mapping sites and operating GPS.

As an independent project, I will determine the likelihood of hybridization between echinacea angustifolia and echinacea pallida (maybe purpurea too)in nature. In order to do that, I will have to determine if there is synchrony between them and at what level this different species of plants share pollinators. It will promise to be an interesting and wonderful summer for me in this beautiful state. IMG_0447.JPG


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