Hypotheses, Predictions, and Fecundity. Oh my!

Hi! Trevor here, reporting on today’s events. Today I finished up my counting and classification of my achenes for both the Liatris and Solidago species. Better yet, Nina also finished her counting of the Echinacea species. Oh my! With our data collection finished, we are moving up the “corporate ladder,” and had our workday filled with enlightening meetings. We began by meeting with Jessa, a lovely 5th year Northwestern grad student. She told us everything from her educational background to her potential future jobs (including the possibility of teaching at the undergraduate level or possibly government work?!). She also explained the realities of being both accepted and working in a graduate environment, specifically at the Chicago Botanic Garden, which was a narrative we had not heard before. After brainstorming potential inquiries and hypotheses that emerged through our research, Nina and I also had a meeting with Stuart, Lea, and Tracie to discuss analyzing these hypotheses.

As you can see, we were hard at work (I was taking in the picture, but I promise I was there!). The meeting left us with lots of questions answered, but also lots of other questions to ponder was we begin our data analysis with two preliminary hypotheses we came up with. Tomorrow begins the start of “R.”
Wish us luck!


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