I need helpers for my project too!

Stuart, here are the estimates of people hours I will need for my project. Also, a schedule of times when I would need helpers during this week. Who wants to trade some hours?

Monday I would ideally like to paint and count styles for up to 80 treatments which I estimate will take 9-10 people hours (depending on how many need to be trained). I would like to do it after phenology or at least do the style persistence before lunch, painting can happen later. Wednesday and Thursday also follow the same schedule.

But… this would mean a big pollination day on Tuesday, when everyone is out in the remnants. Pollination takes about the same amount of time. So Mimi and I have come up with several possible solutions (or a combination):
– If Ruth will be here Tues. morning she could help collecting insects and someone else could help pollinate
– Cut the remnants down to 9 instead of 10
– Have some people in smaller remnants leave a little earlier than 11am, or have vehicles and be able to book it back at 11 to help pollinate from 11-12
– Cut down the treatments painted on Monday, however I don’t want to cut down too much, since some of my plants have been flowering since Thursday or Friday and I don’t want to wait too long
– Skip painting on Monday, paint Tuesday and Thursday, and pollinate Wed. and Friday when we have more people to spare

– I would also like help collecting pollen on Tues. and Wed. but I may be able to do this myself if needed.
– lastly, I need one person to help me do afternoon pollination on Tuesday and Thursday between 2-4pm

Sorry for throwing this into the mix so late in the game folks. I guess it was just hard to know how many hours and people I would need before we did a full day of painting and pollinating.



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