Hi all,

My name is Ilse (pronounced ILL-suh) Renner. I am originally from Green Bay and I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry, I plan on attending graduate school in the near future. My biology major focused on ecology and plant biology. Previous research I have been involved with focused on taxonomic vs functional based beta diversity of forest community understories, I’m excited for this chance to work in the prairies this summer!

Recently I have been using aster to analyze the 1997 common garden experiment, and will continue with that this summer. As of yet I have analyzed data on fitness with respect to head count based on different populations, but analysis on achene count is in process as are a few other analyses from different perspectives (not based solely on population of origin)…so stay tuned! In addition to the ongoing analyses I will be contributing to other members’ studies this summer.

In my free time I can usually be found running the roads of Kensington in the young hours of the morning. I also enjoy biking and playing the violin.

Here is a link to my page on the Echinacea Project Website violin.jpg


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