Introduction to Rachael and Malo Curves

My name is Rachael Sarette and I am a Junior at Northwestern University studying Mathematics and Environmental Science. I’m originally from Minnesota, so it is exciting to be in the lab hanging out with so many fellow Minnesotans. I’ll be at the lab all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays as part of Chicago Field Studies, which consists of an internship and a class on the Environment, Science, and Sustainability.


This is me standing by my computer, where most of my work will be occurring.

While I have some field experience collecting data for other experiments, this is my first experience working in a lab and analyzing data for my own research project. This quarter I will be using Echinacea data from 2005 and analyzing them with “Malo” curves, which are sine functions that model the number of flowers open on a single head at a given time. The basis of this analysis is this paper written by J.E. Malo:

I’m excited to see where this data and this quarter will take me. Stay tuned for more updates.


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