Is That Rain?!

This Thursday was pleasant with cloud cover and low temps, but the unexpected rain patches left most of the day to computer work. This morning started off wet and most of the team worked on projects. Mid- morning, Ashley and I headed out to P9 to finish measuring. Luckily we finished just before the rain! During this same time, Gretel, Alex, and Wes worked on Demo at Railroad Crossing.

While eating lunch we were almost going to make plans, but then guess what happened? It rained… and then it began to pour… So, instead we spent the afternoon doing some individual project work. A few of us worked on our computers, Alex pinned pollinators, and Lea and Tracie went out complete more of their sites. Overall it was a pretty good day!

And just an update on Plexipus the caterpillar- he has made his chrysalis and is beginning to form into a butterfly!

The coming days will include lots of demo and soon harvesting!


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