It’s Friday, gotta’ find seedlings on Friday.

Today we returned to q3 and continued searching for Echinacea seedlings. The seedlings found in q3 from yesterday and today totaled to 432 individuals! We’ve searched 556 of the 849 meter sections. Woohoo! We probably have one more half-day of searching. This total is lower than last year which we hypothesized could be related to the rough winter.

Lea and Alex

Lea and Alex found a seedling. Woot!

We only worked a half day today and headed home around noon. Kensington is getting ready for Rune Stone Days this weekend. We are looking forward to the pancake breakfast tomorrow!

Other notable events:

  • Half of the lower jaw of a rodent was found in q3.

Rodent remnants.

  • A lively game of “Is that Thunder or a Big Truck?” was played.
  • The paparazi spotted James riding riding back to town hall after work.

James, the lean, mean bike-riding machine


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