July 13, 2016! Look at all those chickens!

Hello Flog!

We did phenology in the remnants and the experimental plots this morning. I think we are already past peak flowering! *sigh* It goes by so fast. In the afternoon, most of us went to P2 to do some weeding and phenologizing. Other team members caught pollinators and worked on doing crosses.

I have been looking forward to today all week, however, not because of fieldwork, but because it was wing nite at Angelina’s Restaurant in Alexandria. Many members of Team Echinacea came and ate a lot of wings, including James, who ate 4lbs of wings all by himself! James reports feeling really good about himself afterwards. Evidence below:

James "Clean Plate Club" Eckhardt

James “Clean Plate Club” Eckhardt

I had to take my leftovers home in a styrofoam box. In other news, Scott met his baby doppleganger at the restaurant! See picture below:

Scott (future, in foreground, at left) and Scott (present, in background, at right)

Present Scott (in foreground, at left) and Past Scott (in background, at right)

I will leave you with a video that encapsulates our dining experience:

So long, farewell, floglanders! Until next time,

Will J. Reed, U of MN, Class of 2018



1 comment to July 13, 2016! Look at all those chickens!

  • Scott Nordstrom

    Will, you had to take leftovers home in a styrofoam box? Sounds like you just earned yourself a permanent spot at the kiddie table.

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