July 23, 2016: Shaken Graves

Hello flog! Comin’ at you live from Maple Grove. I am currently sitting in Amy’s basement following a rousing evening of music, fun, and friends. We drove to the Cities today in a torrential downpour to see a concert this evening of Dr. Dog featuring Shakey Graves. Before the concert we got to know each other better by playing ‘Would You Rather?: Provocative Questions to Get Teenagers Talking.’ The questions truly were provocative but some members of the group were still game: as Alyson said, “I’m a teenager and I’m ready to get provocative.” ┬áMany of the questions presented difficult choices, but we added a third alternative, having clams for hands, which proved to be a surprisingly popular option. After that we drove to the concert and we all had a great time! Here’s a story from the evening. I was just dancing around and all of a sudden this darn thing grazes my head, I look around like ‘what the heck, man’ and it’s a rice crispie bar! I smelled it first and then I ate it. After that we danced more.

Here's the aforementioned rice crispie bar mid-eating

Here’s the aforementioned rice crispie bar mid-eating

Following the concert we went and ate ice cream. I got lemon custard and so did everyone else. It was an accident. I also got a Izzy (TM) scoop of raspberry sorbet. Yum.

We’re having fun!



(Billy “Jeff” Reed, Class of 2018)



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