July 24, 2016: Weekend Update


Easy, breezy, beautiful

Good evening, Flogland. I’m here in Kensington after a quiet Sunday compared to yesterday’s festivities. After confirming that Scott, with help from Lea, had indeed reenacted every image in my basement last night, we headed¬†back toward Kensington.


(L to R) Rudolph, Santa

Notable events from the drive include conducting an experiment to see how accurately we could identify Skittles flavors. I was pretty bad at distinguishing the variation in flavor profiles but Will did pretty well. After returning home, people at Town Hall spent most of the day napping, cooking, and working on independent projects.


The champion

We are saving our energy for another day of Xtreme phenology tomorrow, which is when we combine xamining phenology with¬†xercising our xpertise in pollinator observations and get everything done xtremely fast! It is very xciting, although with the number of plants xhibiting pollen getting smaller every day, I’m xpecting it to go even faster than Friday. Stay tuned for updates.




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