July 4th: Happy Independence Day!

Flowering Echinacea take no holiday! Half of the Team got up early on this Saturday morning and headed out into the field to make sure we stay on top of the fast-paced world of phenology. With the crew re-assembled back at the Town Hall for the afternoon, the rest of the day proceeded lazily–fitting for the humid weather and the holiday at hand. Munching on the delicious leftovers from yesterday’s picnic, reading, and napping in turn, we passed a couple hours before heading over to Elk Lake once again. (The small lake-side beach has become a favorite haunt for the group!) Lea clearly still had Echinacea on her mind and made this awesome watercolor. (Note the pollen! How long do you think this plant has been flowering?)

Lea's watercolor of Echinacea!

Lea’s watercolor of Echinacea!

Oobleck: one part water, two parts corn starch, one part magic.

Oobleck: one part water, two parts corn starch, one part magic.

After returning home we had some old-school, science-themed fun with “oobleck”–a miraculous mix of water and corn starch yielding a substance that’s somehow both a solid and liquid. We finished off the night with a delicious (and festive) s’mores pie baked by Amy.

Happy Fourth of July on behalf of Team Echinacea!

S'mores pie!

S’mores pie!


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