June 28: Water from the sky and the brush

After Lea’s flog post last night it began to rain, extremely hard. Being the nature lovers we are, we decided to hang out on the front porch and watch the rest of the storm come in to town. There was a beautiful break in the clouds which produced wonderful views of various layers of clouds with beautiful colors. The rain then came down harder and harder. Then, a wonderful idea gripped us all. We ran out from the cover that our stoop provided us and began dancing and splashing in the rain! It was some of the most fun we’ve had yet!

The beautiful clouds from last nights storm

The beautiful clouds from last nights storm


Having some fun in the rain!

This morning started slow with some blank stares into the refrigerator while attempting to decipher the answer to the questions of breakfast, life, the universe, and everything. Everyone eventually came to a conclusion on the first (and most important) item. Personally I cooked up a nice three egg omelet. The morning was lazy but we ended up heading over to Elk Lake for some good times on the water! While we were there Gina pulled out her water colors and decided to teach some of us to learn how to paint! I got to do water colors for the first time since probably fifth grade which gave me a whole new perspective on the endeavor. I was able to accurately represent what, if you squint hard enough, looks like an artistic version of Elk Lake. Gina on the other hand painted a detailed masterpiece of Elk Lake. The trees look like trees and the grasses look like grasses! We then went swimming and returned to the town hall to have multiple variations on the classic dish rice and beans. It’s been a great second week and I am looking forward to the next few weeks as Echinacea begins to flower!

Gina and Ali painting with water colors beside Elk Lake

Gina and Ali painting with water colors on the shores of Elk Lake


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