Mia Stevens

Echinacea Project 2018

Biology, College of Wooster 2020

Research Interests

I spent the last year working in the Ison lab at Wooster exploring pollinator efficiency of the American Bellflower and finishing lab work on interspecific pollen diversity of Echinacea which is carried by different solitary bees. This work and a population & community ecology class I took showed me how delicate mutualisms are. Also how the species involved control said mutualism. Another area of interest of mine is how plants respond to their environment.


I am a junior biology major and environmental studies minor at the College of Wooster. I grew up in Buffalo, NY, (and no it doesn’t always snow there). I spend the majority of my free time knitting and enjoying the great outdoors. I do this outdoor exploring with my trusty sidekick, my dog Ellie.


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