Monday Lasts

So, today is the first day of my last week and also my last flog!:( ¬†This summer has been super fun and educational! I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many awesome people and learn a lot¬†about the area I live in!

However, today was also the official last day of phenology! The last plant was at Steven’s approach and Lea had the honor of double checking its status as done flowering. This morning we worked on demo and seedling searches at Loeffler’s corner. In this particular area, someone decided to dump a bunch of woodchips and not just in one spot, no no spread out. This made it slightly depressing since there were a number of points totally covered by wood. Despite this challenge, plenty of flowering plants were still found! After lunch, the team also worked on demo.

Tracie, Alex, and Wes working on demo

It’s crazy how fast this summer went and I already start school in a week! I’m looking forward to my senior year and finalizing my college decision. Wish me luck!

Thanks again to everyone on the Echinacea Project Team!




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