More KAP goodness

Turns out, our camera wasn’t saving settings properly. That’s lame. I got it to work and have some slightly modified settings from Julie’s post. Here’s the rundown.

Tv mode (shutter priority)
1/1000sec shutter speed
100 ISO
focus on infinity
zoomed all the way out (shortest length, equivalent to 28mm?)

We’ve been shooting in RAW format. The GIMP + ufRAW takes care of previewing and opening the RAW files. A thing to note is that the camera’s white balance is totally off (it has a purple cast to everything) so we set white balance to Daylight mode.

We’ve also marked the string in 10m increments up to 50m, though maybe there should be more. We’ll see.

As far as lining up all the pictures, we’ll be making 1m crosses painted white and keyed with black stripes. This should allow us to have both a sense of how large the space is and the orientation of the image. This way, we ought to be able to piece everything together.


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