Morgan Kirwin

Echinacea Project 2018

Pre-Medical, Concordia College 2022

Research Interests

I am interested in studying and learning more about plant identification, pollination, and behavior of bees.  For my current job as an environmental technician, part of what I do is classify wetland plants.  I am definitely an amateur and would like to learn more about scientific names and different plant distinctions that lead you to figuring out what species it is.  Pollination is another interest of mine because quite honestly I don’t know much about it.  Finally, bees are also an interest.  Bees are so important to the ecosystem and learning more about them would be very interesting.  I love learning about new things, so I am open to studying anything this summer.


I grew up out in the country north of Morris, Minnesota and have been here my entire life.  Morris is an agricultural community about 30 miles from where the Echinacea Project is.  I enjoy various outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, hiking, and spending days at the lake.  I also enjoy traveling across the United States and Canada.  I currently work as an environmental technician for an environmental consulting company.  I am planning on going for Pre-Med at Concordia College (a recent change of my major), but my fall back plan is Biology/Earth Science to eventually become an environmental scientist.


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