New paper

The most recent Echinacea project paper was recently published in Biometrika. I posted the pdf reprint on the Echinacea resources webpage. Here’s the citation:

Geyer, C., S. Wagenius, and R.G. Shaw. 2007. Aster models for life history analysis. Biometrika 94: 415-426; doi:10.1093/biomet/asm030.

You can find all the Echinacea project papers on the resource page. For convenience here are direct links to three key papers about pollination:

Wagenius, S., E. Lonsdorf, and C. Neuhauser. 2007. Patch aging and the S-Allee effect: breeding system effects on the demographic response of plants to habitat fragmentation. American Naturalist 169:383-397.

Wagenius, S. 2006. Scale dependence of reproductive failure in fragmented Echinacea populations. Ecology 87:931-941.

Wagenius, S. 2004. Style persistence, pollen limitation, and seed set in the common prairie plant Echinacea angustifolia (Asteraceae). International Journal of Plant Sciences 165:595-603.


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