Ominous clouds and JERP at the Bunny Hill

Dear Blog-stars,

Well, we are done for the week and it was pretty tiring, but we are doing well! Julie has nothing positive to say, only that our experience thus far has been ‘buggy’. Indeed.

We are now kicking back in the mando and the Raj Mahal on an exciting Friday night. So exciting that I am bloggin’. We survived the 99 garden with its crazy rows and snippiness by all. I did have to eat a little crow because of some mis-lableing of rows on my part and the shocking rightness of Julie and Rachel. Needless to say, we consulted them in the inbreeding garden when Colin screwed up (again). He can, however, add much better than me.

Here are some pictures:

Big clouds at Hague Lake

Jameson planting his garden

Sweet sweet clouds and boring corn

Bee and loads of pollen this morning



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  • Dad McCall

    Hi, I like the phots! That bee is really a worker mule with all the pollen bags onboard.

    The clouds look very interesting; looks like inverted ocean waves? I hope you have a storm cellar in case of an F5 approaching?

    Ah, digging a garden by hand. But, isn’t it a bit late for anything but radishes, onions, and black seeded Simpson? Well, who knows, in fertile soil it may hurry up the 55 day season for some veggies. Give it a go!

    So, are you saying the bee was on an echinacea head? It looks somewhat familiar, as Tim planted wildflowers in the birdbath pocket garden. It was hidden, but beautiful among the bulrushes.

    Well, son, I must head out; er, off to bed.

    Love, Dad

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