P01-nat counting process update!

This week I worked on randomizing and counting. Thanks to the help of the student workers and volunteers, there is only about a quarter of the P01-nat batch left to randomize. I am hopeful that I will be able to complete the randomizing by the end of next Tuesday.  

Today I spent my day counting achenes from the scans that I completed earlier this month. The counting process takes place on the ACE website. Each individual scan requires three different people to count it, and then the average of those three counts is taken as the most accurate one. I am completing one of the three counts for the entire batch. The ACE website is very user friendly and straight forward. The images are counted in a random order to keep the process as accurate as possible. To begin counting, I click the “count achenes” button on the dashboard (Right of Image 1). The first thing I do for every new scan is to confirm that the file name matches the envelope displayed in the scan (Image 2). After I confirm the file name and letno, I click on each achene and a blue dot is overlayed on the image (On the right of Image 2). The software keeps track of how many achenes I have counted in the image. Once I have double checked that I have accounted for every achene, I click “submit count”. The website goes back to the dashboard, and I begin the process over again. As of the end of the day today, I am 55.68% done with counting P01-nat (On the bottom of Image 1). Many thanks to the volunteers for helping me reach this point!   

Image 1. ACE dashboard
Image 2. A scan after all achenes have been counted.

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