Phenology Monday

Hey flog, it’s me, Amy!

What an exciting day. The team spent most of the morning checking on phenology in the remnants. We split up into four teams to cover the whole study area: the Big East Team (Stuart and Anna M), the Andes + Erin crew, the A-team (Allie, Anna A., and me), and Riley and John. It was a lot of fun. More and more plants are presenting pollen, but for now most heads are still buds or are just starting to present ray florets.

This is the only picture I took today! Check out those antennae.

The most fun thing about today was that we used a walkie talkie app on our phones to stay in touch while doing phenology. We practiced our radio lingo and learned what our initials are in the NATO phoenetic alphabet.

Persistent plant growing three rows into the soybean field at On27 (Photo Credit: Mike Sierra aka Mia Stevens)

In the afternoon, the A-team went back out to do phenology at Landfill and others started searching for Stipa. We finished the day with chores.

Huge opportunity for wishes! (Photo Credit: Mike Sierra aka Mia Stevens)

I can’t wait to do this all over again on Wednesday!

Erin keeping her boy Darwin dry during some sprinkles at Loeffler’s Corner, a site in the Choo Choo Corner Route (Photo Credit: Mike Sierra aka Mia Stevens)

Yours sincerely,

Alpha Whiskey

(Photo Credit: Mike Sierra aka Mia Stevens)


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