Phriday Phenology

Happy Friday from Team Echinacea! We started off the day a bit early to beat the heat and get started on phenology in the remnants. Kennedy and I tackled the “Wiley loop” and found that the majority of our plants were flowering. Some were even on their last day of flowering or already done! It is so intersting to be able to watch these plants go from bud, to developing its rays, to a fully fledged pollen-producing flower. What a journey these plants undertake year after year, and we get to be a part of it!

After a lunch of t-shirt and team cheer brainstorming, I headed out with Amy to get some video footage for my scientific method video series that I will be developing during my time with Team Echinacea. I shot some fun B role of Amy collecting pollen, and got a special guest star from some cows! After wrapping up for the day, Mia and I were craving some nice and cool AC, so we headed to Copper Trail Brewing in Alexandria to get some computer work done.

Today was an awesome day, a great way to cap off a super productive week! Have a great weekend, echinacea-lovers!


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